fountain-penIt is the mission of Hood Packaging Corporation to provide packaging products that are responsibly sourced, meet market criteria and are designed to be safe and effective throughout their life cycle.

Rather than simply meeting environmental laws and regulations, we assume a leadership role in assuring environmental security via the responsible management of our resources.

Our operations work proactively to achieve measureable and continuous improvement in such areas as reducing energy useage and carbon emissions, conserving water, reusing internal scrap, reducing packaging, eliminating landfill waste and promoting workplace safety.

Our customers are our partners in sustainability. We work proactively with customers to improve the environmental profile for their packages via use of renewable and recyclable materials, lowering transport costs and promoting “sustainability through innovation” in packaging structures and design.

Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of Hood Packaging Corporation’s strategy for growth. This commitment is shared throughout our organization and shapes day to day behavior. We recognize that our future and the future of those we serve depend on it.


Robert B. Morris

Sustainable Forestry Initiative®

  • With SFI® Certified Sourcing we can ensure the fiber in our supply chain comes from responsible sources.
  • Without certification there are no enforceable standards to ensure sustainable sourcing and responsible forestry management.
  • As a Hood Packaging Corporation customer, the SFI® label can be incorporated into the graphics of your packaging.

innovation in packaging

recycled contentpoly roll 209x150 colen wen milk bag 284x288
recycled content films
liquid uht milk bag systems
IntegraGuard® Eco-Wise bags are fully recyclable paper bags using a sustainable, repulpable coating to replace traditional polymer films. Hood has a recycled-content films for pre-made pouches, open mouth bags and FFS formats in PET, PP, and more. Radically reduce material & energy use with liquid pouches. Our UHT milk system eliminates the need for milk refrigeration – simplifying the distribution chain.
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Resources for Sustainable Packaging

The following organizations share Hood Packaging Corporation’s commitment to responsible, sustainable packaging and are beneficial sources for further information: