Bonpac Plus
Venting Poly Bag

This back seam vented bag is perfect for fine powdered products needing a versatile package. Engineered with moisture & UV resistant film, this 100% recyclable bag is ideal for protection your product stored outside at retail, the construction site, or your home.

how it works

Depending on your filling equipment, we can provide BonpacPlus® in either a pre-made open mouth bag or as guesseted tubed rollstock. In both cases, the bag is manufactured to have an overlapping back seam.

bonpac back seam unopenedA roughly 2-3″ wide channel is created by sealing the overlapping seam to the inside of the bag

bonpac sytle









bonpack straigt down channel450x338




The channel is micro-perforated to allow air into channel and keep product in the bag









bonpac vent valve

Air moves through the channel and escapes through the self-venting valves along the back of the bag

bonpac symbols710x350

Ideally designed for outdoor storage of fine powders such as:

  • Cement
  • Mortar
  • Minerals
  • Grout
  • Chemicals
  • Food Additives


  • Gusseted tubed rollstock
  • Individual bottom seal bags with or without handles
  • Customized air relief to suit customars packagign lines
  • High end graphics
  • Anti slip embossing
  • PCR available

solar-naturals 300x200

Get a Grip!

Whether your moving product to the car or just around your yard, convenience handles can save a lot of back pain. Consider adding a reinforced handle on pre-made bags.