Flexible Plastic Packaging

With nine flexible plastic film and bag plants in North America, Hood has an expansive product portfolio. Our family of high performance flexible plastic bags are  developed by combining the best materials and bag manufacturing processes available. Hood promises to deliver superior appearance, quality and performance.

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Hood Packaging combines many features to make some
of the best flexible plastic packaging in the industry:

  • Our rugged mono- and multilayer films, with balanced shrink properties, silicone release varnishes and lacquers can help stretch packaging dollars over older packaging constructions and finishes that are subject to breakage, moisture, and poor quality graphics.
  • Polyethylene and nylon multilayer film structures ensure high barrier security for reactant products, such as chemicals, salt, and oxides.
  • New film and bag constructions, including sonic sealed valve configurations, micro perforations and consumer handle attachments, permit a wide range of alternatives for industries packing sift able contents like cement, minerals, and salt.
  • Our Paradigm® technology metallocene films provide high strength for a stiffer film that uses less resin, reduces costs, improves strength, and allows for easier filling operations.
  • We were among the first in the industry to develop polyethylene shrink bundle wrap for roofing shingles and insulation materials.
  • For consumer applications we provide high quality, exacting process graphics on bags and sheeting for improved product shelf appeal.
  • A wide variety of closure options, exceptional graphics, top quality 10-color and overlacquer printing, and grease barrier stability, make our bags as appealing to consumer markets as they are to traditional industrial markets.