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about hood packaging

Hood Packaging is a quality manufacturer of packaging materials with 20 production facilities located in the United States and Canada. We have grown by acquisition and innovation.  Our oldest, continuously running business, started over 100 years ago in the Jute and Cotton trade and we have expanded our flexible packaging skills into Paper, Plastic, and Woven packaging substrates as more advanced technology has developed for these products.

You may recognize some of our predecessor companies:

  • Bemis Corporation (Multiwall Operations) acquired in 2014
  • Glopak Inc. acquired in 2006
  • Bonar Packaging and Bonar & Bemis acquired in 2000
  • Charleston Packaging acquired in 1986
  • Southern Bag began in 1978

Each operation brings a particular skill, product, or other strength to our company –  Liquid VFFS filling from Glopak, Hybricore sealed bags from  Bemis Multiwall, and High Density printing from Southern Bag are just a few of our more recently acquired or ‘innovated’ technologies.

We are organized along two product types – Paper and Plastic. The Paper Division has 12 geographically diverse locations across the United States and Canada making flexible paper packaging structures with a very wide range of types, formats and closures. The Plastics Division has 8 production locations, again with the broadest possible selection of structures and many with unique applications. Cross selling our products allows us to develop unique product and supply arrangements.

We plan to continue to innovate, to acquire and to develop strong industry relationships that will advance our technology, our skills and our products.