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Multiwall Paper Packaging

With eight paper bag plants in North America, Hood Packaging can provide you with packaging in any major multiwall bag style. Hood Packaging combines many features to make some of the best multiwall bags in the industry:

  • The high stress Kraft paper used in our high performance paper bags means reduced paper plies and basis weights to reduce your costs while retaining your product's traditional packaging quality appearance.
  • Our single wall paper bag is as much as 200% stronger than other ordinary multiwall bags.
  • Our weather resistant bags made from coated paper, retain greater strength under adverse conditions.
  • Improved performance valves and pasted patch bottoms provide strength and sift proof closures that perform better on filling equipment, and at low cost.
  • A wide variety of closure options, exceptional graphics, top quality 8-color and overlacquer printing, and grease barrier stability, make our bags as appealing to consumer markets as they are to traditional industrial markets.

Hood Packaging offers a family of high performance paper bags developed by combining the best materials and bag manufacturing processes available in order to deliver superior appearance, quality and performance in multiwall bags.

Hood Packaging multiwall bags